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M-023 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL (1952) Carrera Panamericana

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CMC Mercedes-Benz 300 SL (1952) Carrera Panamericana

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A dream for Mercedes fans and Motorsport Enthusiasts: Mercedes 300 SL, 1952

This model is an exact replica of Karl Kling’s car that won the 1st place and bore the starting number 4.

Special Feature: Green painted front fenders

    • Metal precision model, hand-mounted and composed of more than 250 parts.

    • Exact replica with a true-to-scale body

    • Original colors and logos printed by tampon method

    • Detailed engine, painting made by hand, true to the original

    • Hand drawn steel bars in front of the windshield, endparts are photo-etched

    • Gullwing doors, movable hood and trunk. Engine hood fastened with a real leather belt

    • Cockpit seats are bucket seats covered with check-pattern textile

    • Functional quarter vents

    • Trunk equipped with two spare-wheels

    • Spring-mounted front and rear wheel suspension

    • True to the original green thick carpet inside

  • Doors, engine hood and trunk can be opened

    The 1952 'Carrera Panamericana' marked the biggest adventure of the year for the Mercedes-Benz racing department, whose performance in this race brought its long, successful history to a new height. Consisting of four cars and a huge crew led by 'Alfred Neubauer', the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL had not only set a new track record, but also won a double victory.

    For the leader of the racing department of Mercedes-Benz – Alfred Neubauer – only one victory was missing to win the CARRERA PANAMERICANA, a long distance race in Latin America. With four competition cars and a team of 35 service people the crew flew to Mexico in November 1952.

    The 300 SL was powered by a newly developed 3.1 liter engine with a maximum output of 177 hp. The race which lasted fine days and covered over 3.000 Kms, was highy dramatic. When it finally came to an end, Mercedes Benz 300 Sl had not only set a new track record, but also won a double victory. Thi smodel is an exact replica of Karl Kling’s championship car that bore the starting number 4. Additional characteristics inlcude the green painted fenders and eight pieces of metal bar in front of the windshield. Earlier on the trials runs, a collision with a vulture had smasched its windscreen. The windshield was reinstalled with a reinforcement of metal bars, in case there was a second accident, and Kling with car No. 4 won the first place, Hermann Lang with car No. 3, a Mercedes 300 SL as well, got the second place.

    Technical Data:

      • Six-cylinder in-line-engine, overhead camshaft

      • Displacement: 3,100 ccm
      • Engine fuel supply: fuel injection pump

      • Gearbox: four-speed, completely synchronized

      • Wheel base: 2,400 mm

    • Top speed: 257 km/h
CMC M-023

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