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CMC 1/18 Ferrari 275 GTB/C 1966

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CMC 1/18 Ferrari 275 GTB/C 1966

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CMC 1/18 Ferrari 275 GTB/C 1966

Model Description

-Hand-assembled metal precision model consisting of 781 parts
-Authentic and true to scale shaped body
-Hinged bonnet with self-locking holder
-Twelve-cylinder V-engine with wiring/ cabling
-Originally styled dashboard with all round instruments and controls
-Screwable Borrani central locks with right / left thread
-Detailed ventilation slots on the front fenders
-Tank filler neck with opening cap in the trunk
-Functional doors with movable triangular windows
-Race-like design of the vehicle interior with racing equipment, such as roll bars and seat belts
-Leather-padded bucket seats and the rest of the interior covered with fine leather
-Authentically reproduced Nardi 3-spoke steering wheel in wood look
-Removable spare wheel in the trunk
-Functional independent suspension on wishbones made of metal on all four wheels
-Consistent replica of the exhaust system on both sides with chrome-plated metal tailpipes
-Movable flap for oil filler neck on the front right fender
-Dimensions L x W x H: 24.3 x 9.6 x 6.9 cm
-Weight: 880 gram

History (Original Vehicle)

1966 saw Ferrari launch the 275 GTB/C on a completely new chassis that Mauro Foghieri had designed for a dual-purpose race car. Designated as Tipo 590A, it was lighter and stronger than the standard 275 chassis. A total of twelve 275 GTB/C Scaglietti Berlinetta Competizione cars were built by Ferrari’s racing department at Maranello, each being outfitted with a relatively voluptuous body that was characteristic of the designs by Pinifarina during that period of time.

To allow clearance for racing tires (7” x 15” in the front and 7.5” x 15” in the rear), the wheel arches are flared to make the body of the GTB/C wider than a regular production GTB, especially in the rear, where fenders widen out behind the doors. The aluminum body is also covered by a 0.028-inch (21 gauge) skin only half as thick as that on a normal-bodied GTB.

Eight of the twelve GTB/Cs feature a left-hand-drive, and two, chassis 9067 and 9085, are equipped with alloy-cast wheels and Dunlop tires as our M-210 is. To integrate the transmission with the rear axle in the 275 GTB/C, Ferrari adopted the transaxle with needle bearings for the first time. There is no cooling fan; natural air-intake, together with a water radiator mounted behind a massive oil radiator, serves to keep everything cool even under endurance race conditions. A dry sump oiling system enables the engine to sit lower and further forward to improve weight distribution. Power comes from a Tipo 213 Competition V-12 engine with a displacement of 3,286 cc and 3 Weber 40 DF13 carburetors. It yields 280 horsepower at 7,700 RPM, and many engine parts are cast in electron, an alloy of magnesium, for weight reduction.

Last but not the least, the interior of the 275 GTB/C is built with rear mounts, whereas its rear section is reinforced to prevent it from flexing under impact. With an impressive race record over the decades, the 275 GTB/C is going to be remembered and honored as one of Ferrari’s last true dual-purpose race cars. For many Ferrari enthusiasts, the 275 GTB/C has the same features that have made the GTO a much-sought-after prize possession.

Technical Data(Original Vehicle)

-Aluminum body over tubular steel frame
-12-cylinder V engine with two overhead camshafts driven by a timing chain and a60 ° cylinder angle
-Dry sump lubrication
-Mixture preparation with 3 Weber carburettors
-Ignition with two coils and one spark per cylinder
-Bore x stroke: 77 x 58.8 mm
-Displacement: 3286 cc
-Power:         290 hp at 7600 rpm
-Acceleration: 0-100 km / h: 4.9
-Top speed: 275 km / h
-Wheelbase 2400 mm
-Track width f/h:1377/1393 mm
-Total length: 4370 mm
-Total width: 1725 mm
-Total height: 1245 mm
-Empty weight: 1100 kg
-Seats: 2


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