CMC M189 Mercedes-Benz SSKL No.12 5th German GP 1931 Otto Merz


CMC M189 Mercedes-Benz SSKL No.12 5th German GP 1931 Otto Merz



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CMC M189 Mercedes Benz SSKL No.12 5th German GP 1931 Otto Merz

-Hand-mounted metal precision model of 1885 parts
-Authentically replicated and precisely scale car body
-True-to-the-original replicated of the light-weight steel frame with original bore hole pattern
-Metal cooler grill with rock-protection
-Double-leaf engine hood that opens from the right and left sides and is secured by a leather belt
-Functional hingers of the engine hood coiled with prings
-Vivacious miniaturisation of the 6-cylinder-inline engine with all aggregates, pipelines and cabeling
-Right-sided exhaust pipes made of flexible metal-hoses
-Masterly-crafted spoke wheels with aluminium-rims and stainless-steel spokes wired by hand
-Knock-off screws that enable the removal and fastening of wheels
-Removable spare wheels fastened by a toggle screw behind the cookpit
-Functional and authentically-replicated multi-layer metal compound spring on the front and rear axels
-Filler-neck with removable tank top made of stainless steel
-Steering wheel covered with genuine leather
-Both levers on the steering wheel (hand-accelerating an ignition timing) are movable
-True-to-the-original presentation of the cockpit, including both seats covered with leather and a nicely replicated dashboard with all instruments and control gadgets
-Movable windscreen for driver and co-driver
-Finned brake drums, created like the original with a fuel reserve can and a tool-box made of wood with a movable cover (mini tools inside)
-Folded top-cover wrapped up in a leather case and fixed by several leather-belts (not movable)
-Starting number printed by the tampon printing method on the white painted car-body


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