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1:32 Green Monster Stage V Mitas (2016) Claas


1:32 Green Monster Stage V Mitas (2016) Claas


The Green Monster Stage V - Mitas Edition is a sport tractor used in the tractor pulling sport. It is a one-of-a-kind piece that was built in the winter of 2015 - 2016 and has all the improvements that have been developed over the years since the team was founded in 1978.

This tractor is the fifth tractor to bear this name. As with all previous Green Monster tractors, V12 piston engines from Allison are used as the power source.These were installed in the American aircraft Lockheed P-38 Lightning and North-American P-51 Mustang in the Second World War. 

The two engines installed on the tractor each have a 28-liter displacement and four valves per cylinder. They are installed side by side and each have the same direction of rotation. 

Compared to the engines originally used in the fighter-bombers, the ones used on the Green Monster Stage V - Mitas Edition have been converted to an electronically controlled injection and ignition system. 

This system not only makes it possible to make major changes to the engine settings between two trains by computer, but also to call up and evaluate a large number of stored values. Methanol is used as fuel instead of aviation fuel. Methanol burns at lower temperatures and ensures less thermal stress on the motors, which means that there is no need for a further cooling system. The motors are supplied with air by compressors. 

The charging of the engines is a completely in-house development that pumps significantly more fresh air into the engines than the loaders originally used. The power transmission takes place via multi-disc centrifugal clutches, which become frictional at around 1500 rpm. 

At full throttle, the engines turn up to 4500 rpm. A gearbox with only one forward and one reverse gear is installed between the collective gearbox, in which the power of the two motors is brought together, and the rear axle. The tractor was developed to start in the free class 2.5 t. 

The tires with which the power is transferred to the ground are 30.5-32 and have been specially developed by Mitas for the tractor pulling sport. With full throttle, the tires have a wheel speed of approx. 100 km / h.

In addition to the German championship titles in 2018 and 2019, the biggest success of the Green Monster Stage V - Mitas Edition to date is the win of the European Championship in the 2.5 t free class in 2018.

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